Crowdfunding Border Security

American Border Foundation is helping Americans deliver resources to the border and to DHS so we can stop waiting for Congress and start getting the job done!

Operational Control Is Our Priority

Congress authorized the Department of Homeland Security to secure both our northern and southern borders in 2006. They haven't gotten the funds they need to do it right yet. We're here to help them fix that.

You can contribute To Building The Wall

The Department of Homeland Security wasn't designed to be microfunded. We take lots of small donations and turn them into one big one that DHS is capable of processing, and add some value along the way.

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Please make checks payable to American Border Foundation.

Our mailing address is:

P. O. Box 204

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Thank you!

Funding the US Border Wall

$228,137 of $450 million raised

How many times have you heard someone suggest starting a GoFundMe for the border wall? That's similar to what this…

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This document is a DHS directive outlining the legalities.

How Can This Work?

The Department of Homeland Security is allowed to accept gifts that support its mission. We are simply pointing that out, and creating a vehicle for them to get there.

Link to Appropriations Committee comments on DHS budget


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