American Border Foundation continues to push for delivery to DHS 10 Dec

American Border Foundation continues to push for delivery to DHS

American Border Foundation operates the FundTheWall website as a project to collect funds for delivery to DHS that they can use to build a border wall with since Congress won’t appropriate the funds. In conjunction with participating Sheriffs, we found a way to get the money straight to DHS instead of to the general treasury. Thanks to people who agree with us that securing our border is a key priority that’s worth a personal investment, we’ve received over $130,000 in donations at the time of this writing. We’re crowdfunding a border wall!

In previous articles and public forums (like our social media accounts) we’ve described a few different scenarios around getting the first delivery of money to a representative of the Department. Our first attempt was for a meeting in DC at DHS or some similar venue where we could make the presentation in public on October 28th or 29th. When that didn’t work, Sheriff Hodgson suggested potentially participating in a meeting at the border on November 7th that was already on the schedule. When that proved out of the question, we went back to the drawing board and DHS got quiet in the time immediately following the mid-term elections on the 6th.

They then sent us one additional form, which we had actually been waiting for without realizing it. The form makes official the offer and conditions we had laid out in our original communication to DHS in December of 2017. It does a number of things – it spells out that we got the process right. It shows that DHS does have resources to accept these donations.

Our language here is a little awkward in saying we present them with a check but the point is made; we will deliver $100,000 to DHS in the first delivery and make sure they spend it reinforcing the border. When they do, we will continue to make future deliveries.

If you’ve been following our progress towards this delivery checkpoint then you’ve seen and read the page describing the logistics and the DHS directive being referenced here. The key now is that now we’ve got a reusable form. We just change the amount (or not) and send it through, so the skids are greased as we needed them to be to make this happen. The most important section is here:

This means exactly what it says. It mitigates the language in the first snippet that “the donor will retain no personal rights of use, ownership, or possession”. Some people misinterpret this to say that the donor loses all control of the money and can’t enforce the conditions. However that’s not true. Donor conditions on the use of a gift are commonplace and traditional.

As an example, a donor recently offered to make a contribution specifically for us to create marketing videos that we can use for YouTube ads, and as an introduction for our FaceBook page. We could have taken the donation and not made the videos, but we verbally accepted the condition and the donor expects to see completed videos. If we were to act in bad faith like this, they could sue us. It might not be worth it for the relatively small amount the videos cost but for the amounts we are sending to DHS it would certainly be worth the time and effort.

The point is, we won’t have to. DHS has shown that given the resources, they will build and they will secure the border wherever they can. Our goal is to make sure they are never short of resources to build from this point forward. We recognize the importance of getting this first delivery completed so we can all see the process taking place. We submitted this new form to DHS on 11/30 and are awaiting the countersigned copy back. Once that happens we will deliver the check, even if we don’t get to do it in an event we can publicize widely.

We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to this point and we’re looking forward to getting this initial delivery completed. Stay tuned for more announcements soon!