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A secure border benefits all Americans. Insecure borders allow not only economic migrants to unlawfully enter the country, it allows for illegal drugs, weapons, terrorists, disease, human trafficking, and other contraband to impact the country. The problem starts in the southwest and radiates throughout the country, whether it’s creating victims of illegal alien crime or victims of fentanyl poisoning. This project provides a funding source for the Department of Homeland Security to get money to spend building our border wall and securing the southern border.  

The flood of illegal immigrants we’ve endured over the past decade has taxed our resources to the breaking point and has negatively impacted the safety of our citizens not just on border states but far into the interior. Violent gang activity and the spread of illegal drugs have continued to increase.  More and more frequently, we see reports tallying the cost of illegal immigration in the hundreds of billions of dollars annually, knowing full well that just a few billion dollars would make such an impact where it’s needed most.

We’ve watched this conversation drag on since the Secure Fence Act of 2006 was passed.  The funding to achieve operational security, what the Secure Fence Act really mandated, has never properly been allocated. Citizens have been griping for years about how our southern border seemed more porous than ever, and nothing can ever get done about it.  Border Security is not a political can to kick down the road; it is literally a life and death situation.

The team you see below started by chance in mid-2017, over the common interest of border wall funding. What started as two people turned into three, then four, then six, as the core team took shape.  We have the built right team to face what to some might be a daunting task. Just as importantly, we have the exhibited the willingness to do the work that’s going to be needed to see this all the way through. We are dedicated to doing what it takes to help DHS secure the border.

We look forward to making this happen with all of you!

FundTheWall.com is a project of American Border Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


The American Border Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, exists to help all Americans achieve and maintain a secure border, and to mitigate the impacts our open borders policies have had on Americans for the past few decades. In particular, we partner with with DHS, our nation's Sheriffs (and Police Chiefs), and civilian organizations to obtain and maintain operational control of our southern border. From there, we can begin to deal with things like the impacts sanctuary cities have had and help the families who've been impacted by America's lack of border security return to normal life.


FundTheWall.com is a project of the American Border Foundation. The project's mission is to deliver a multi-pronged, multi-media campaign that results in the US border with Mexico being properly secured, as defined in the Secure Fence Act of 2006. Funds donated to this project are delivered to DHS for use only in building border barriers, whether that turns out to be defined as a ``wall`` or `fence`.


The project is centered around the funding of the wall itself. Once funding is 100% secured we will move on to the matter of operational security in each sector.

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A continuous stream of novel practices around awareness & fundraising, and strategic use of technology will help us to achieve lofty goals.

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We will inform the public with accurate, unbiased reports of how the effort is proceeding on all fronts, including legislative, public opinion, and the contruction itself.

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We hope to use this and projects like it to bring Americans together around common goals.

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Act as a centralized rallying point for various small causess all fighting for the same end goal.

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There are lots of misconceptions about the impact and meaning of a border wall that need to be cleared up.

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American Border Foundation Management

We're investing our time to make this happen. We've committed to ourselves and to you to see this project through.

Quentin Kramer

Quentin Kramer

Managing Director, Research & Technology

As a Managing Director, Quentin manages day-to-day operations of the Foundation as needed and works to make sure all the members and volunteers have what they need to be successful. Quentin is responsible for the technology platforms that allow for the foundation to achieve its mission. Quentin is also responsible for keeping to the mission and execution of overall Foundation strategy, ensuring donors get value for their investment.

Kristen Keenan

Director, Customer Service

Kristen is responsible for marketplace operations and ensuring customer orders are fulfilled correctly and quickly. She'll also be working with vendors who want to place products there to make sure they have what they need to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. She also manages customer service relative to donor questions and support.

Our Board Of Directors

In addition to the managers above, our Board of Directors consists of the following:

Gary Dolan

Member of the Board

Gary Dolan received a B.S in Civil Engineering from the United States Military Academy in 1969 and a J.D. from New York Law School in 1977. Dolan was an attorney licensed in the State of New York, a public accountant and a Certified Trade Broker. While on active service at the Ft Benning campus of Georgia State University, he spent one year on business courses. Dolan was honor graduate of the Instructor Training Course and was awarded the Airborne, Ranger, Jungle Warfare Expert and Combat Infantryman Badges as well as ten Combat Air Medals, the Bronze Star and numerous other achievement medals. He retired as an LTC from the Army Reserves. He served as President of Company E (Long Range Patrol), 20th Infantry (Airborne) and Company C (Ranger), 75th Infantry (Airborne) Association, Inc. He authored the book, Of Their Own Accord, published July 2004, which relates the heroics of the Rangers in Viet Nam. He was inducted at Ft. Benning, Georgia, into the US Army Ranger Hall of Fame in 2011.

Key Contributors

This team is integral to making sure we achieve our goals.

Kenn Inwood

Social Media and Volunteer Coordinator

Kenn is responsible for the coordination of the Foundation's volunteers, and social media events & activities. He helps recruit and organize our volunteer teams, and guides them in staying on task. His responsibilities also include helping to spread the word about our various campaigns, keeping the FundTheWall message on target, and helping to generate overall interest in our project.

Jon Brimus

Program Manager

Jon oversees both the Border Wall fund (aka FundTheWall) and the Border Defender program and works to onboard new programs as appropriate to make sure program metrics are met and most importantly that ABF is delivering value through the program to people who've donated.

In other words, Jon's here to provide coordination and connectivity for all the pieces that have to come together to make these solutions work.

Jeremy Messina

Director, Communications

As Director of Communications, Jeremy is responsible for the public-facing elements of the Foundation, including social media and press relations. He makes the multimedia campaign come to life across not just the Internet but also print and other media.

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We bring years of experience and success to the table. Join us as we FUND THIS WALL!


We have a burning desire to see this wall-building project to completion. We aim to bring Americans together under a single unifying vision and get the job done. When we're done with this, we'll move on to the next one.


Crowdfunding is a mainstream concept. Let's crowdfund the wall. It's that simple. Our vision is to use novel methods to crowdfund a project larger than anyone might've thought possible.


Evangelization of a concept is relatively inexpensive. So is running a website. The money goes to the project at hand with the minimum possible administrative expenses.


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ABOUT American Border Foundation

American Border Foundation is a Wyoming-registered non-profit. ABF operates fundthewall.com. We're conservative businesspeople who are here to operate a marketplace and a crowdfunding operation and use them to fund operational control of our southern border, primarily through the action of building a wall. You can expect this web site to be a service that is constantly improving and evolving as we add features and improve usability until we've achieved our goal of operational control on our borders. As we come online with non-profit status in each state, we'll let you know when your donations become tax-deductible.

We Channel Your Donations

The DHS wasn't designed to be microfunded. We take lots of small donations and turn them into one big one that the DHS is capable of processing, and add some value along the way.

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