American Border Foundation Reaches Milestone in Border Wall Crowdfunding 10 Oct

American Border Foundation Reaches Milestone in Border Wall Crowdfunding

Thanks to Americans across the country, since Sept. 23 when Sheriff Hodgson appeared on Fox & Friends American Border Foundation has received over $100,000 in contributions towards securing our border! This achieves the initial goal that the Sheriffs had set and means we have reached our first checkpoint on our path towards helping America secure the border. There are many attempts at GoFundMe accounts and similar efforts but this is the project that has found the way to get the money to DHS and we are thankful that you’ve entrusted us with this initial set of donations. Together we have raised more in this single fund than all other attempts combined!

American Border Foundation was incorporated in September of 2017 and it took almost a year to get through process with the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Homeland Security, during which the fund took in the meager amount of just over $6,000. We spent the better part of the month of August campaigning publicly, to convince the Department of Homeland Security to receive the money. Whatever it took, with your help we achieved the goal and got the process to fall into place. To date, over 1500 of you have chosen to help by contributing!

We appreciate the support the public has shown the project and now it’s time to deliver to DHS. We’re working with interested groups to make a public event of delivery of this first distribution, and we will share information on that as it gets finalized.  We know that it will include a group of Sheriffs, and a group of Angel Families at a minimum. Both of these groups have paid a heavy price because of our inability to keep our border secure to this point.

We continue to advance towards a more secure future, and now we expect that we will be able to to increase the daily goal of funds raised and resources delivered to the border. DHS is a significant contributor to our security at the border with Mexico but not the only participant, and we will find more groups to bring into the community and offer support to. Virtually every expert on border security agrees that the best way to get the border under operational control is a combination of technology, manpower AND a wall so we still have 2/3 of the solution left to help with. There are groups all along the border with trailcams, drones and similar ways of finding people trying to cross illegally and pointing them out to CBP agents.

Our foundation aims to bring these groups together strategically and act as a clearinghouse of information and resources to help unify their efforts and expand their voice. Together we can accomplish much more and the solution is no longer something we have to wait for! We can secure the border now, stop producing new Angel Families, and let Sheriffs and healthcare providers return to doing what they do best. With your support, these goals are just a stone’s throw away and we look forward to achieving them with you!