Ready to help Make This Happen ?

It's going to take a grass roots effort like we've not seen before.

What will it take to get Congress to keep the promises that got them elected?  So far nothing’s worked.  The Secure Fence Act of 2006 provides the Department of Homeland Security with a mandate to achieve operational control of our borders.  This is defined as 100% of crossers and contraband being interdicted – a tall order.

Congress never provided funding to achieve this, so Americans still live with the feeling our southern border is a porous mess.  There is a wide gap between 100% of crossers make it and 100% of crossers are caught, but we have no idea where we stand.

That’s where American Border Foundation comes in.  We are here to work with DHS in partnership to help them achieve this goal, and to communicate with America as they do.

This site is focused on border wall funding but the ABF, and our mission of operational control, goes far beyond just the wall. It means monitoring with technology, and a three-dimensional control of each border sector. It means partnering with Customs and Border Patrol to help improve living and working conditions for CBP Agents, and raise staffing levels. It also means monitoring construction of each mile along the border to make sure it’s completed on time and under budget.

New Volunteer

Please fill out form to become a volunteer (we will get back to everyone by email at least, so please check your spam folder if you think you haven't heard back):


We hope you find pitching in towards this larger goal more rewarding than simply fundraising for a wall (that’s still a big part though).

What can I do?

We have opportunities at all levels of commitment. We're thankful you're considering it. Below are a few positions we think volunteers would excel at:

Social Media Community Builders

We can generate just so much information out of our own accounts so having volunteers who will intentionally cross-post FundTheWall-oriented content into Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Pinterest, Instagram and all the rest is more valuable than you could imagine. We have to get the word out to every Trump voter that this opportunity exists. We could pay a social media company to do the work, but why waste money that could go to border security doing it?

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Graphic Artists

There are numerous opportunities for graphic artists that may be willing to lend their skills to border security. If you've got the skills and the creative touch and would be willing to donate a graphic or two, please let us know!

Content Generators

Are you an aspiring blog-writer looking for a platform and interested in becoming a domain expert on border security? Let's have a talk. Or, are you interested to generate content for Community Builders? They need a steady stream of memes, tidbits, and information about the state of our borders and immigration laws. If you're interested in helping American Border Foundation become a trusted source of information about the security of our national boundaries, then we'd like to meet you.

Marketplace Vendor

We don't want to have only FundTheWall logoed gear in the marketplace, we would love to have your items too! If you are a small manufacturer or craftsperson and would like to see your items listed in our marketplace (in trade, we ask that you share a portion of the proceeds with DHS) then please let us know and we will arrange the listing.

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Data Curators

Got a knack for research? Able to pick through mountains of data and find the important parts? Sometimes finding the needle in the haystack is just as important as communicating it to others and we will need both skillsets.

PHP/JQuery/Javascript Developer

Have software development sklls and interested to put them to use for a cause that helps the nation? The FundTheWall platform is and will be a constantly-improving application and we will need developers to grow our team and take us move into the future. If you have these skills are are interested to help code for border security, please inquire within!