Fund the Border Wall

Funding the US Border Wall

Funding the US Border Wall

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Sep 2018

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Based on best estimates of cost per mile, so far we've funded 301.61 linear feet of wall. Please help us keep going!
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How many times have you heard someone suggest starting a GoFundMe for the border wall? That’s similar to what this project is, with several enhancements. First is that we are a 501c3 nonprofit, so your contributions are tax deductible. Second, we have found a legal way to get the funds directly to DHS and third, we are able to ensure they are only used for border wall construction.

Every project that the Government does, large or small, is ultimately funded by the private sector, because the private sector pays the taxes that fund Government projects. It’s just a matter of how the government chooses to allocate our tax money.  Sometimes our government makes good choices about what to spend it on, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Border wall construction has been waiting for Congress for fund it for years.  They seem to think it’s more about the political theater than getting something done.

Nothing in the Constitution says private citizens can’t donate money to fund public projects; in fact it’s quite the opposite. That’s how hospitals, libraries, bridges, and college buildings, and lots of other projects end up with a person, family, or foundations’s name on them. Think of this program as a crowdfunding effort, with one specific goal: fund the border wall. If a private citizen wants to write a check for $8 billion, we’ll gladly forward it to DHS and call it a day. Unfortunately, that’s not likely. We’ll need to get there a dollar at a time, thanks to donations from people like you.

Why wait? Americans contributed $410.02 billion to charity in 2017. 2018 will surely be even more. Generating $5B in contributions to border security for each of the next 5 years would comprise at most 1.2% of annual giving. We can spare it!

Our process provides funds directly to DHS for use ONLY in constructing a border wall. The money is placed in a single account and sent to the Department of Homeland Security on a regular basis.  Our first delivery to DHS will be for $100,000 and is already well in process.

Operational security at the border includes a strong wall, and we as Americans can break the stalemate in Congress that’s existed since 2006.  Mexico will reimburse the general treasury in one way or another, but if Congress won’t appropriate the money to DHS that doesn’t help anything. We need not wait for that reimbursement to start. We can deliver funds for DHS to use now to continue construction.  We don’t have to wait until it’s fully funded for construction to begin.  Prototypes were built with only $30m in initial funding.  Every dollar helps, and the returns to the country are immeasurable.  Please help us fund the US Border Wall today! is a project of American Border Foundation, which is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. EIN: 82-2806040

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Comments from previous Contributors:

Virginia B. -

Please everyone donate to secure and save our country from these American hating progressive freaks . We wont get another chance . This is it. We either do it or lose our country froever.Hod Bless America.

Leonardo S. -

The wall is the best thing can happen to americans think about it

Grover W. -

We need and want border security

Vicki K. -

Please build the wall...

Robert A. -

Please keep my home save.

Richard T. -

Good fences make good neighbors.

Robert . -

I do not support Donald Trump. I do support border security that allows people to enter the U.S. legally. The wall won’t stop everyone but it will help. Cutting in line to get into the county I fought for is not allowed. United we stand- Devided we fall.

Sue R. -

Build the wall now. Make America great again.

Mykle M. -

This is a must for our future in the U.S. to regain border security. I proudly support building the wall. #MAGA

Michael S. -


Anonymous -

Tell a friend. Spread the word about this. The media won’t do it so we, “the people” have to do it. Tell a friend!

Robert B. -

Build the wall.

Dennis T. -

No boarders = No country.

Tom N -

The wall will pay for itself many times over, once it is built. Only seed money is required to create the wall. I am proud to do my part.

Jim E. -

I have so much faith that we the AMERICAN People can do this.On and upward!! God bless us all! Make America great again!

Pat A. -

Thanks for arranging this. I’m a big supporter of the wall and other ways to protect the USA.


Why should we not support our boarders?

Chris P. -

Build the Wall


This is a great way to build our wall which is so badly needed. Every little bit helps so make a donation today.



Ronnie M. -

I also donated to Brian Koliage gofundme

Joseph Z. -

I’d like to help keep my country safe when Congress and the Senate don’t think it’s important enough.

Anonymous -

Investing in my children future and safety. We cannot allow others to change our culture and commit crimes towards our ppl.


thankyou for let me help

Patricia C. -

To protect my family.

Roger M. -

Fence the Border

Greg S. -

Thank GOD for President Trump and VP Mike Pence!!! Praying for you guys and our great country to have wisdom and understanding as you navigate in these hostile and GOD less times.

Anonymous -

I may not have a lot of money, but I am sick and tired of waiting for Congress to do something. So, I decided to donate what little I can.

Bernard B. -

Trump works for the working Americans and deserve our support.

Paul C. -

I wish everyone would give whatever they could and show the obstructionists what we meant when we voted for a wall. And then vote all of those that side with illegal aliens, not US Citizens, out of office!!!! Let immigrants in, but only legally!!!

Amy H. -

For the safety of our GREAT COUNTRY! God Bless America!

Woon h. -

Build the wall ... Iove trump.... from Singapore

Daniel A. -

In short. I’m a 65 year old retired patriot who lives, breathes, and eats American values.

Lisa S. -

We have to and will stand with our President!

Susan R. -

Thank you Mr president. We support you all the way

Mark H. -

Send the Dems a message (Fund the Wall)!!!

Kandye W. -

Yes the Democrats are Hippocrates. Before Trump got in they wanted a wall. What. Hanged?

Sheila T. -

We need this wall built. Supporting President Trump.

Jan G. -

I am so sick and tired of the democraps that I will NEVER vote for them again. Build the GD wall and keep us safe.

Anonymous -

We need the wall

Anonymous -

Schumer?? Lock him up

Karen H. -


James T. -

Make my piece eletrif

David F. -

Take that Chuck Shumer!

Ronald Y. -

The Democrats are idiots, the Republicans need to stand their ground. Build the damn wall already!

Jack M. -

Its a shame someone whos disabled can give his very few dollars and our politicians won't give our tax money. Ill never vote dem again

Anonymous -

I will continue to donate as often as possible. Unfortunately, I'm on a fixed income so I don't think I'll be able to compete with George Soros. However, I will do my best!!!

Robert V. -

We must have a boarder wall

gary g. -

I live in Canada and i know how badly this wall is needed. WWG1WGA Lets get this WALL built. God Bless

Anonymous -

Oh Yah ... build the wall ... support the president

Leonid G. -

I am a legal immigrant and a cit

walter k. -

it is a shame that this web site has to exist, THANK GOD IT DOES! fully supporting President TRUMP!

Gerald M. -

Build that wall!!!

Jeanette S. -

Let's get this much needed wall built ASAP!!

Linda C. -

Please stress this is TAX DECTIBLE.

Mary D. -


Saundra K. -

Altho’ I cannot afford to do this, I am doing it for the benefit of ALL of us.

Anonymous -

Please send what you can afford. This is more than funding the wall, it’s sending a strong message to the swamp, that it’s about to b drained!!!!

Roger H. -

BTW - do the right thing for America.

Dona B. -

We’re praying for our president & our border wall! We NEED to remain a sovereign nation! That’s what makes us strong and GREAT! Lord, plz bless Pres.Trump.

Mary N. -

Build the wall America!

Anonymous -

Get the wall built. Save American lives despite Schumer and Polish !

Robert O. -

Americans together are strong BUILD THE WALL. We need to protect our country if we want one. Americans 1st. in America. GOD BLESS USA.

Cheryl S. -

Thank you President Trump, the people are behind you and praying for you. This is for America and for those who oppose you!! Merry Christmas America.

marc h. -

Cash for Clunkers cost us more than this wall will-

Anonymous -

It is just right and fair for immigrants like me to undergo vetting and to enter the countrlegally.

Genivee R. -

It's a shame they can send billions of$ to other countries, but can't fund wall. God bless president trump.

Joseph R. -

They put an ocean in so my family couldn't get here illegally. A wall should be no problem.

Perry C. -

We need to control our borders, and make America strong so we can help those less fortunate even better.

Larry M. -

Tell Shitty Shchumer we are going to build this wall even if "HE" shuts down the Gov again.

Charles B. -

I pray we make it.

Lt. A. -

We need this wall. I served for 4 years in the US Navy and retired from law enforcement. I believe with all my heart in the security of this wall.

Robert K. -

Let’s get it done

Mary E. -

President Trump, pls build the wall! Mary Elaine R

William P. -

..."BUY"...the people, for the people! PLEASE! Support this effort! D___ the politicians! Build the Border Wall!

Frank P. -

Build the wall already

allan c. -

I support President TRUMP in his efforts to control the border

Cynthia K. -

When you need something done right, call on the people of America! WWG1WGA

Russell P. -

Thank You Mr. President....

Hung D. -

Thanks Mr President for protecting the country border.

Angela B. -

I am donating all I can right now... Because We need this wall... President Trump would have already had it started if he hadn't had so much opposition, the liberals are willing to risk our safety because they don't like President Trump. HE, President Trump, and his supporters and staff, are the only ones who care about America. Next we need to clean the Democrats out of all offices... There are those Dems who oppose everything good Trump does and those Dems who are too cowardly to stand up to the Dems who oppose, and neither of them are of any benefit to America... There are a very few who quietly stand with the Republicans, but quietly don't cut it when the rubber meets the road... BUILD THE WALL!!!!

Michael Ruth=Brie Skylard B. -

Gave what I could I can do.

christy h. -

please get on the wall building. Let Trump do what he said he would do for the safety of our country and our families safety.

Hal H. -

I support President Trump and the need for a wall / God Bless Ameri

Kim C. -

Whoever thought of this was a genius! Please continue to get the word out about this site. I heard it on Fox news this morning and could not wait to donate. The American people want and deserve to be protected as every other country is in this world. Democrats independents anRepublicans we all agree on this get that wall built! Thank you thank you thank you

Scott W. -


Ronald B. -

Keep up the good work!!!

Biagio C. -

Many democrats favor this. Why not indicate with donation your party affiliation so Schumer and company can see that this is an American issue.

John G. -

Merry Christmas Steve & Linda❤

Geaneth P. -

Thank you President Trump! God bless you and your family..

Mike D. -

Thank you for your service.

Hanh T. -

I contribute to help build the WALL to keep America safe!

James W. -

Great csuse. President Trump is the only President in a long time with a spine. Let's help him stay strong. He is being hit hard now for 2 years by the Swamp on the Right & Left and he can't do it all on his own. We need to enter the fight. We need to keep this going znd more it into a political funding supporting the Truth & Transparency Movement!

David W. -

I so glad someone came up with this fund. I have been praying about this for days. Thank God!

David A. -

While the elected cowards rush home for the Holidays to avoid their sworn duties to the citizens of this country. We the people once again are left to fend for ourselves. BUILD THE WALL! ADCS (retired)

Walker G. -

Keep up the good fight for the American people President Trump. I am behind you 100%

Susan S. -

Thank you for starting to fund the wall!!!

Brian a. -

We need this wall for the protection of the United States of America. Come legally to the US and you are welcome here. Others who are here illegally...GET OUT!

Lea S. -

I like legal immigration

Tamara A. -

Make America Safe Again.