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Funding the US Border Wall

Funding the US Border Wall

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Sep 2018

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Based on best estimates of cost per mile, so far we've funded 180.57 linear feet of wall. Please help us keep going!
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How many times have you heard someone suggest starting a GoFundMe for the border wall? That’s similar to what this project is, with several enhancements. First is that we are a 501c3 nonprofit, so your contributions are tax deductible. Second, we have found a legal way to get the funds directly to DHS and third, we are able to ensure they are only used for border wall construction.

Every project that the Government does, large or small, is ultimately funded by the private sector, because the private sector pays the taxes that fund Government projects. It’s just a matter of how the government chooses to allocate our tax money.  Sometimes our government makes good choices about what to spend it on, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Border wall construction has been waiting for Congress for fund it for years.  They seem to think it’s more about the political theater than getting something done.

Nothing in the Constitution says private citizens can’t donate money to fund public projects; in fact it’s quite the opposite. That’s how hospitals, libraries, bridges, and college buildings, and lots of other projects end up with a person, family, or foundations’s name on them. Think of this program as a crowdfunding effort, with one specific goal: fund the border wall. If a private citizen wants to write a check for $8 billion, we’ll gladly forward it to DHS and call it a day. Unfortunately, that’s not likely. We’ll need to get there a dollar at a time, thanks to donations from people like you.

Why wait? Americans contributed $410.02 billion to charity in 2017. 2018 will surely be even more. Generating $5B in contributions to border security for each of the next 5 years would comprise at most 1.2% of annual giving. We can spare it!

Our process provides funds directly to DHS for use ONLY in constructing a border wall. The money is placed in a single account and sent to the Department of Homeland Security on a regular basis.  Our first delivery to DHS will be for $100,000 and is already well in process.

Operational security at the border includes a strong wall, and we as Americans can break the stalemate in Congress that’s existed since 2006.  Mexico will reimburse the general treasury in one way or another, but if Congress won’t appropriate the money to DHS that doesn’t help anything. We need not wait for that reimbursement to start. We can deliver funds for DHS to use now to continue construction.  We don’t have to wait until it’s fully funded for construction to begin.  Prototypes were built with only $30m in initial funding.  Every dollar helps, and the returns to the country are immeasurable.  Please help us fund the US Border Wall today! is a project of American Border Foundation, which is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. EIN: 82-2806040

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Comments from previous Contributors:

Anonymous -

Let's get the wall build we the people can do this this was so important for the security of our nation not just for me I'm in my sixties but for my grandchildren and their security

Anonymous -

Advertise to the Americans People will don

Claude B. -

I am a Canadian and it seems that I am as concerned as all US citizens with regards to this issue. I am also aware that stopping migrants from coming in the US from the south will help Canada as well as there is alot of them coming straight through to Canada and PM Justin Trudeau is all but very welcoming. Although my donation is not very big, I think that if everyone in america puts in a little bit, this can and will bring about alot of funding needed to build some.

barbara f. -

God bless Americas' patriots

Anonymous -

This is an uphill battle or nearly impossible task with the corrupt people running our country wanting votes and cheap labour. Yet, you must be in it to win it. The best of luck

Frank B. -

Get it done.

Teresa L. -

Rush Limbaugh show would be a great forum for your songs and cause.

Christopher K. -

We the People must stand and deliver against any obstacle that hurts our pursuit of happiness and rights to live free.

Gary S. -

We need to secure the border

KC B. -

Just because RINOs in Congress are failing their party, their president and their country, doesn't mean we can't get the job done. SHARE THIS CROWDFUNDING SITE and help build the momentum.

veronica j. -

We need the wall, the caravan proved that!

Stephen B. -

Let’s do this!

Eddie R. -

Thanks for your work

Margaret N. -

Yes! We can do it!no need to wait for Congress, to complicate things, they need to know that we have taken our power back!

Justin M. -

Get er done. . .

Nick P. -

Thank you

Tina M. -

Thanks for providing us with the chance to contribute to a much needed border wall! MAGA!!!

Ronnie C. -

Tru Quality Masonry Brick by Brick!? Will help! Even homeless shelters have to close the doors eventually!! America is becoming over populated. If we dont slow down, we will also have to enforce child birth laws like china did. I like having a little elbow room and a couple of my own kids running around the yard. America first! U. S. A Trump 20/20 the visions clear

phil l. -

Brick by brick we build this wall

Michael A. -

Let's show we are standing together.

Barbara C. -

Build that wall. Sorry for these immigrants. We can't save the world.

Lisa R. -

Let's get this done asap. Soros and new world order are funding these invasions while Congress sits on their asses doing nothing. MAGA

Barbara C. -

We the true Americans can do it. Build That Wall.

Brenda P. -

We support our President, Donald J. Trump, 100%.

Sherrie M. -

Don’t screw me over this! I demand to have positive confirmation that our donations are building each inch of The Wall! I am trusting y’all to do right by us. I would love to make this a monthly if only y’all are faithful. Don’t let us down!! Build it wide. Build it high. Build it long. Build it America Strong!

Brad A. -

This endeavor is sorely needed and long over due! Politicians, on both sides, don't want a wall and have betrayed us with their empty election promises for decades. If we don't get a wall, America, will become California! Rise up Americans!!!

Richard D. -

Brilliant idea!

Janet H. -

Make America Great Again!

Casey B. -


Jeanette P. -

Please donate, so we can get the wall constructed fast. Saves billions over hand outs to illegals.

Armando T. -

God bless President Trump.

Anonymous -

I have a agent in the family and I want all Americans safe. Not only those born here but especially those that came the legal way.

Terri H. -

Please, I’m praying, build the wall. If the 50 Million people who follow President Trump on Twitter ( there’s more than that) would give $10 ( I would give more) We The People Will have Given $500 Million Dollars For The Wall. Please, Tell Everyone.


Until Congress grows a pair WE THE PEOPLE can build the wall!

Sandra M. -

Let's show do nothing congress what the American people can do!

Lavone B. -

Please be for real and build the wall no matter what the Democratic house says. I know Trump and 50% of us want this done. Thanks

Barbara P. in Mt. Pleasant, SC -

The Democrats are NEVER going to fund this wall. It is their political football! Might say that for the Republicans, as well. So, it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to fund the wall and protect our nation! Please tell everyone you know, who cares, about this fund! Put the link to the page in every comment you make online. Place it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, anywhere you can! Tell your local GOP about the page. Make a donation to this fund and tell your family and friends that you are giving to the fund in lieu of Christmas gifts this year. Or Chanukah!

Alice B. -

Not much but first step to funding a wall, will try to contribute more after the holidays

Anonymous -

I donated $5 to refurbishing the Statue of Liberty in 1977. That worked O.K.

David G. -

MAGA 2020


I contributed in hopes the Beracha Foundation will match with a $4.35 for every $ contributed. Please get the wall built. Thank you for what you are doing.

Sharon K. -

The staff at this non-profit work tirelessly in "being the change" this country needs. Happy to support today.

Anonymous -

If you support something, you have to $upport WITH $omething!

Cynthia K. -

I'm happy to do my part in making our borders safe, since the Democratic/Socialist Party refuses to fund the wall. We have the best President in my 67 years! KAG TRUMP 2020

Karen L. -

I'm doing all I can to get more donors for You! This is my second contribution.

Jacob G. -

Need This Tommorow !!

barbara S. -

I PRAY everyone donates! We have over 29 million illegals who will keep coming from honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala etc! It will be far cheaper to build the wall then support all these illegals! We are already paying BILLIONS for this illegal activity! If these illegals want to reunite with illegal family members, we need to start deporting ALL illegals so they can reunite in THEIR COUNTRIES! WE ALSO NEED TO HIGHLY TAX REMITANCES OR STOP THEM NOW! That is part of the draw to come here! With welfare/none payment of taxes, they can afford to send money back to their countries! We taxpayers cannot even save money so you know they are making far more than we are due to our high taxes, paying for them! HAS TO STOP!

jeff p. -

I've watched California go down the tubes, we've got to stop it!

Anonymous -

Let’s Build That Wall

Colleen F. -

I support LEGAL immigration! Build the wall!

Tim G. -

Git Er Done’

kevin l. -

Every dollar, every cent helps, lets do this!

Lisa P. -

If all patriots gave what they could afford this wall will be built without the help of Dems! That will make a huge statement

Lewis A. -

I am donating every week. Check out my YouTube Channel Conservative Mexican. This needs to be spread everywhere

Brenda C. -

Build the wall and protect the USA!!!

Carol R. -


Diana M. -

Hard time commenting here!! What’s up with that?? Anyway - B U I L D T H E W A L L ! ! !

Janet C. -

I hope every conservative will help with this fund

Nancy P. -

Let’s #BuildThatWall

Anonymous -

No matter how small our donation is. We owe our children, the safety they deserve! #BuildThatWall

Sandy J. -

Praying that Patriots everywhere will donate to this great cause.

Ruth -

I've been waiting for a GoFundMe account to fund the Wall. Happy to make a down payment toward paying my family's fair share.

Matthew L. -

Lets get it built

Quentin K. -

More towards the wall. Every little helps!

Quentin K. -

Congratulations on $110,000 raised!!

Anonymous in Diemen, Netherlands -

I'm from 1944, during a besieged Holland. The USA has helped my country to be liberated from the Nazi's and my contribution to "Building The Wall" can be regarded merely as another token of thanks.

Anonymous -

This one's for Kate!

Anonymous in Monkton, MD -

Looking forward to seeing this happen! Glad to be a part.