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Funding the US Border Wall

Funding the US Border Wall

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How many times have you heard someone suggest starting a GoFundMe for the border wall? That’s similar to what this project is, with several enhancements. First is that we are a nonprofit so your contributions are tax deductible. We actually have a way to get the funds to DHS and ensure they are only used for border wall construction.

Every project that the Government does, large or small, is ultimately funded by the private sector, because the private sector pays the taxes that fund Government projects. It’s just a matter of how the government chooses to allocate our tax money.  Sometimes our government makes good choices about what to spend it on, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Border wall construction has been waiting for Congress for fund it for years.  They seem to think it’s more about the political theater than getting something done.

Nothing in the Constitution says private citizens can’t donate money to fund public projects; in fact it’s quite the opposite. That’s how hospitals, libraries, bridges, and college buildings, and lots of other projects end up with a person, family, or foundations’s name on them. Think of this project as a crowdfunding effort, with one specific goal: fund the border wall. If a private citizen wants to write a check for $8 billion, we’ll gladly forward it to President Trump and call it a day. Unfortunately, that’s not likely. We’ll need to get there a dollar at a time, thanks to donations from people like you.

Why wait? We Americans spent 8.6 billion dollars on Halloween alone last year. Easter and other holidays are the same way. How much did your household spend? If you, and people like you are willing to donate that much to this cause, then we could be done in a few months. Our process provides funds directly to DHS for use ONLY in constructing a border wall. The money is placed in a single account and sent to the Department of Homeland Security on a regular basis.  Our first delivery is being scheduled with DHS at this time, and we anticipate that it will take place on or around November 7th 2018..

Operational security at the border includes a strong wall, and we as Americans can break the stalemate in Congress that’s existed since 2006.  Mexico will reimburse the general treasury in one way or another, but if Congress won’t appropriate the money to DHS that doesn’t help anything. We need not wait for that reimbursement to start. We can deliver funds for DHS to use now to continue construction.  We don’t have to wait until it’s fully funded for construction to begin.  Prototypes were built with only $30m in initial funding.  Every dollar helps, and the returns to the country are immeasurable.  Please help us fund the US Border Wall today!

American Border Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. EIN: 82-2806040

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Comments from previous Contributors:

Colleen F. -

I support LEGAL immigration! Build the wall!

Tim G. -

Git Er Done’

kevin l. -

Every dollar, every cent helps, lets do this!

Lisa P. -

If all patriots gave what they could afford this wall will be built without the help of Dems! That will make a huge statement

Lewis A. -

I am donating every week. Check out my YouTube Channel Conservative Mexican. This needs to be spread everywhere

Brenda C. -

Build the wall and protect the USA!!!

Carol R. -


Diana M. -

Hard time commenting here!! What’s up with that?? Anyway - B U I L D T H E W A L L ! ! !

Janet C. -

I hope every conservative will help with this fund

Nancy P. -

Let’s #BuildThatWall

Anonymous -

No matter how small our donation is. We owe our children, the safety they deserve! #BuildThatWall

Sandy J. -

Praying that Patriots everywhere will donate to this great cause.

Ruth -

I've been waiting for a GoFundMe account to fund the Wall. Happy to make a down payment toward paying my family's fair share.

Matthew L. -

Lets get it built

Quentin K. -

More towards the wall. Every little helps!

Quentin K. -

Congratulations on $110,000 raised!!

Anonymous in Diemen, Netherlands -

I'm from 1944, during a besieged Holland. The USA has helped my country to be liberated from the Nazi's and my contribution to "Building The Wall" can be regarded merely as another token of thanks.

Anonymous -

This one's for Kate!

Anonymous in Monkton, MD -

Looking forward to seeing this happen! Glad to be a part.