Fans of Border Security

As with any starting charity, building a community is an important first step.  If you believe in the concept, then please help us spread the message.  It doesn’t cost a cent, and it barely takes any time. The easiest thing for any volunteer to do is tell a friend; use a hashtag; share a post or retweet something we put on Twitter.  Community builders are a key part of the ecosystem; they create the network that ties the whole thing together.  Ideally, community builders are willing to:

  • Cross-post the FundTheWall hashtag and URL into forums and in comments on posts and articles where readers might find it relevant and useful;
  • Engage with others who use #FundTheWall or #BuildTheWall or similar and describe our project;
  • Identify key social media influencers
  • Engage with and bring our project to the attention of media personnel where possible;
  • Locate and potentially recruit vendors who are interested to list products in the marketplace;
  • Generally evangelize for the FundTheWall concept.

If you are ready to stop wishing we had operational control of our southern border and start making it happen instead, this is a great starting opportunity for you. Please inquire within!