Now we know why nobody started a GoFundMe for the border wall 13 Jan

Now we know why nobody started a GoFundMe for the border wall

On Dec. 17th, Michael Goodwin of the New York Post published an article called “Why hasn’t anyone started a GoFundMe for the Wall?“. A few weeks later, we have our answer.  While perhaps not successful, the GoFundMe campaign that swept the nation as a result of his question is indicative of what can happen when Americans come together on this issue. Securing our borders is the right thing to do.

The outcome of it shows why we at American Border Foundation chose to stay away from using GoFundMe as the core of, or any part of, our offering. It shows why we worked to get nonprofit status before we made any real push for contributions. We found and implemented the process to get funding to DHS directly. Regardless of what other GoFundMe campaigns may come and go, we will stay the course and deliver resources to DHS and to the Sheriffs and civilian organizations along the border working to keep the nation safe and secure. 

As we do whenever we hear of someone starting a GoFundMe campaign for the wall, we tried to reach out to the people responsible for that one but we were never successful at getting a meaningful response. If you’re the type of person who’s been interested to start a campaign like that, we would love to work with you! We always have room for more volunteers and you can find more information about becoming one on .  Volunteers do everything from public speaking to laying out this newsletter to posting flyers in their neighborhood to helping with IT work. There are a lot of possibilities!

As January progresses and the holidays fall behind us, we are reminded that getting to a secure border will NOT be an overnight process. It will take the wall, technology, and manpower to go with it. Even if Congress appropriates $5.7B, the highest amount being requested in most bills being considered, that’s just 1/5 of the amount generally considered needed to secure the whole border. That means we have 4 more appropriations bills to work through and four more campaigns like this to wage, potentially. We are in for the long haul and we hope you are too.

America will be looking for a new solution and now is the time to point out that the answer has been here all along. If you’ve considered sharing us on Facebook, now is the time. If you’ve wanted to tell your friends, or send someone an email about it, now is the time. If you were an early contributor to our project and have been waiting for an outcome, now is the time for one more Tweet or Instagram post with our link.

NOW IS THE TIME for Americans to come together with a unified voice to tell Congress and the rest of the country that we will #FundTheWall and border security since Congress continually refuses. We’re meeting with Rep. Andy Harris (R – MD) on Tuesday afternoon to point out we have a no-legislation-required solution to the issue and we’ll be having a press conference on Thursday (Jan. 17th) to discuss more ways we’ll be bringing the situation to the public’s attention.