Real Dangers of The Border Patrol – op. ed. by Tamela Anne Hyatt

Only a fool would believe that violence has never been perpetrated on our Border Patrol Agents by illegal aliens trying to enter America. The social welfare programs that America offers to illegal aliens residing in our country is an enticement many cannot refuse. But the nature of illegal aliens has changed in the recent past; where there has always been violence, now there’s a brutal, “I’m getting in no matter what” attitude that causes many more to resort to violence in order to gain illegal passage into the United State of America.


Former Border Patrol Agents tell me that in the past the main type of person picked up along the AZ border was most frequently an older adult male over the age of 40 who simply wanted to come work the fields for a day or two and go back home to Mexico. By and large they were peaceful, friendly men who Border Patrol Agents could easily pick up; they’d have a laugh, “OK, you caught me,” and be taken back to the border with often a parting shot of, “see you tomorrow!” They intended no harm to anyone, they just sought to provide for their families.


Today’s illegal aliens aren’t looking to work, chances are strong they already have work as a drug mule or coyote (those leading groups of illegals into our country) or have a job waiting for them here. Today’s illegal alien is frequently a 20-ish male who isn’t interested in being returned home. While Border Patrol Agents have always had the stray rock and other heavy items thrown at vehicles or themselves, today’s younger illegal aliens carry knives or guns and have no intention of being caught – and if caught, will fight tooth and nail to get away from all law enforcement to stay here illegally and permanently.


In years past, the struggle to secure our southern border didn’t include a daily fear of being hurt, maimed or killed for our Border Patrol Agents. These are now daily realities for those securing our southern border. The change can be attributed to one thing. In the past illegal aliens were crossing on their own, no real help other than the coyotes. In today’s Border Patrol, they fight a more organized crime network that includes gangs and cartels. Crossing our southern border has spawned numerous criminals in northern Mexico willing to make a buck off the illegal alien trade.


This daily crisis could be ended by building the physical and technological wall needed along our southern border. Securing our southern border has never been more important than it is now. Daily gang members, those trafficking in humans and drugs and those seeking to abuse our social welfare system without ever paying into that very same system are flooding the border and creating a crisis here in America. It’s time to end the insanity happening at our southern border and you can help.


We have the power to help the United States fund that southern wall. As the only non-profit securing funding for the southern border, we ask your help in making the wall a reality. Let’s work together.