Sheriffs join with American Border Foundation Crowdfunding Campaign to pay for the Border Wall 30 Sep

Sheriffs join with American Border Foundation Crowdfunding Campaign to pay for the Border Wall

On September 5th, during a meeting with President Trump, the participating sheriffs announced an initiative to crowdfund border security since Congress hadn’t acted. While not well covered at the time, their effort on, gained significant traction in the weeks after that meeting.

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson appeared on “Fox and Friends” Sunday morning the 23rd to make a nationwide announcement about the effort. He stated the border wall would put a halt to MS-13 gangs taking over neighborhoods, illegal immigrants murdering innocent Americans, and be the first step to fixing immigration in this country.

Meanwhile, American Border Foundation has been following a similar, less-publicized track to accomplish the same mission. The volume of calls and requests subsequent to the site forced them to consider an alternative to managing the traffic themselves. Given our existing volunteer network for this purpose, and management infrastructure in place to handle customer and contributor requests, the sheriffs chose to direct their traffic to is now a single, consolidated project to crowdfund border security fully underway.

Sheriff Sam Page of Rockingham County in North Carolina explained that if we fail to secure the borders every sheriff will become a “border sheriff.”  According to the Charlotte Observer, Page was at the meeting along with President Trump and 43 sheriffs from 35 states.

The participating sheriffs sent a letter to Congress in March urging them to pass legislation to build a border wall and allocate more resources toward it. 310 sheriffs across the United States signed the letter, but Congress has failed to change their position towards funding the border wall.

Donations to American Border Foundation are tax-deductible.  Donations are delivered regularly to DHS, bypassing the appropriations process in Congress, and for DHS to use only for wall construction.  Since Sept. 23, over $70,000 was raised from over 1,000 donors. The goal for this campaign is to raise $450,000,000 for DHS to build a 61-mile long section of wall in Arizona on the Barry M. Goldwater Range.