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We're looking for vendors of all sorts who are willing to donate part of the proceeds of selling their products to wall construction.

If you have products you’d like to sell, and you believe in our concept, then we hope you’ll consider listing your products in our marketplace.  Think of it this way:  in a traditional business sense, we might approach you and say “we’d like to resell your product.  Can we become a distributor/retailer?”.  Most people that make things are constantly looking for more outlets to get eyes on their product.

In this case, we’re approaching you and saying “we want to resell your product.  Can we become a distributor/retailer? Instead of a traditional for-profit company, our proceeds go to the DHS and construction of a border wall”.

Hopefully, for the cause of border security, you won’t mind the small fee.  In general, the process is pretty simple:

  • You tell us the price we should set for the product
  • The customer buys the product from us
  • We buy the product from you
  • You ship the product to the customer
  • The DHS gets funding for border security.

This lets the marketplace operate as a completely separate funding mechanism from donations.  Fundraising campaigns can only go so far; a robust marketplace allows for longevity to see the project all the way through. We look forward to working with you to Make America Secure Again!