Where the Money Goes

How we use Your Donations

Our goal is for more than 90% of your donations to be invested in border security.

If you chose to use PayPal or a credit card, we are charged fees for the money transfer. Even though we’re a non-profit, they still charge something. Mailing a check saves money, even if it is slightly less convenient. This may end up being our largest single expense as an organization.  This happens before we even receive the money.

To this point, the Foundation’s expenses have been borne by the members. This includes costs related to formation, government filings, IRS filings, etc. as well as initial marketing materials and monthly recurring technology costs (hosting fees, application services, etc.).

In order to reach the Foundation’s mission, it may be that we hire as many as 6-10 full-time employees over time. We have a business plan that could generate up to $1.5M in annual expenses to run the Foundation as a whole.  That will include a full-blown marketplace on this site, multiple external revenue-sharing partnerships in place, and full-time staff to coordinate a nationwide network of volunteers. It would also include internal marketing resources to coordinate advertising across multiple medias. The sheer number of individual donors needed to crowdfund something this size demands a level of customer service, and it’s up to us to provide committed staff to deliver that for donors and customers who make purchases on the marketplace.

To meet our stated goal of 90% of raised funds being delivered to DHS and also spend $1.5M on administrative expenses, we would need to fundraise ~$15M. However, we could assume some percentage of the money being spent on raw fundraising expenses too. To allow for 5% fundraising activities, admin activities have to be reduced. Or, we could raise our fundraising target to $30M of which $1.5M would be used for admin expenses and $1.5M would be used for fundraising expenses and $27M, 90% of the money, would go to DHS.

That assumes that we are delivering funds to DHS and running the full-blown crowdfunding campaign. In that case, the goal (as seen on the donation form) is $1.5 Billion, although we’ll break it into smaller chunks before long.  Because most of it’s done through the website, and word of mouth will be a big part of this, we think that we can easily make the goals we set on the same $1.5M, which at that point will be a tiny fraction of overall incomes. Even at $100M it would be just 1.5% and if we get to $1B it would be .15%. No other charity could brag of having administrative overhead represent such a small portion of their income.

On the other hand, the more we raise the more aggregate money would be available for advertising/fundraising expenses. At $1B of fundraising, 5% would allow for up to $50M invested in fundraising expenses. We highly doubt we would need or want to spend that sort of money on fundraising. Ideally, each American would be willing to spread the word on our behalf without charging us.

As our additional filings come we will link those here on the site for your inspection. We understand that you want a high percentage of the donated money in this program to go towards border wall construction. We work every day to make sure the funds get there and are spent only on construction of the wall.

See where We're Helping Now

American Border Foundation supports DHS in securing our borders and achieving operational control.

Border Wall Fund: American Border Foundation has a program running to fund the border wall between the USA and Mexico.  Citizens can donate to this fund and the money goes to DHS for use only in constructing the border wall.  ABF uses a portion of the proceeds administratively to track that DHS is spending the money well, to provide customer services for microfunding donors, to provide customer service for people who’ve made purchases on our marketplace, and to coordinate volunteers around the country helping fundraise.

Where will we be Tomorrow?

American Border Foundation will have more projects than just the wall fund. Check back here for more later or feel free to suggest a new project if you see a need!

Border Monument: Many donors and potential donors have suggested they would like to see some remembrance of this struggle with open borders memorialized along the border where they could sign or have an engraved brick in their or someone else’s honor. While we can’t change the design of existing border wall sections, we have an architectural designer and animator on staff and we’ve got a business plan for a monument worth going to. Once the crowdfund is working, we’ll unveil the design and plan and start funding and building a border monument.

Mitigating the Impacts of Border Insecurity: From heroin addiction and overdose deaths to victims of illegal alien crime to sheriffs in counties along the border struggling to come up with resources, there are plenty of other impact areas where we can make a difference too. We’re on a mission to find groups working on these issues, amplify their voices, and provide them the resources they need to get their job done.

Then, we’ll act as a clearing house of information to the public to educate Americans about how CBP is doing at achieving operational control of the border and how America is doing at cleaning up afterwards.

Now, and into the future, American Border Foundation stands ready to work in partnership with our Department of Homeland Security to deliver a secure border and to support all groups that are working to keep America safe and comfort those impacted by the existing situation on the border.

In addition to the work of our tireless volunteers, your donations help make this happen and they are greatly appreciated.